Insurance Fundamentals

Insurance Fundamentals

CCI Northwestern Ontario is excited to announce an upcoming Seminar, Insurance Fundamentals, that will be held on October 14, 2023 starting at 10:00am until 12:30pm. Registration opens at 9:30am.

Seth Henoch with BFL Canada will be presenting the topic of Insurance Fundamentals. Understanding all the components of a condominium's property insurance is a crucial part of being a responsible director. Specifically, regarding that the Condominium Act clearly stipulates that a corporation “shall obtain and maintain insurance.” 

Course 102 - Insurance Fundamentals will examine the difference between what the corporation must insure and what insurance responsibilities rest on the unit owners. It will speak to the difference between regular repair and maintenance and insurable losses. 

It's crucial that directors understand how to navigate the complexities of their insurance above property insurance.

Where you will learn:

  • Property insurance obligations.
  • What a standard unit definition is.
  • The effect of not having a standard unit definition.
  • The creation of the standard unit and how it is applied.
  • What insurance coverage a unit owner should obtain.
  • Other insurance obligations.

This Event will be in person at the West Arthur Place Building in Suite 105 on the main floor and Lunch will be served.

Please be advised there is a fee of $75 to attend this in-person seminar.

Attendance at this seminar will contribute towards your CCI Director Certificate Program which consists of 8 Ontario-wide fundamental courses.

Register Here - Fundamentals


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